Is the UKCPS Open exhibition going to be only online now or will there be a physical exhibition too?

No, the exhibition is completely online now due to difficulties with the current situation making it unfeasible to hold in its physical format.


Will I be able to earn signature status this year?

Yes, this year will count towards your signature status.


What happens if my entry does not qualify as ‘Wild’? Will it be carried over to the Open category?

Yes, if your entry does not qualify as ‘Wild’ instead of being disqualified as it would have been in the physical exhibition it will be able to be carried over to the Open category and judged with those entries.


Will there be sales online?

No there will be no sales online as we do not have the facility to offer this service. If ee get enquiries we will pass on the enquirer’s details to the artist with their permission.


Is the exhibition still juried?

Yes, the exhibition is still juried


Why are you still keeping a ‘wild’ or nature theme if you are no longer at the gallery?

As a society we felt it important to balance the need to remain an Open exhibition and also respect the fact that we had required our members to draw nature subjects for the past few months in preparation for this exhibition. The fairest compromise for all parties and the most appropriate solution was to add in an extra category whilst honouring the original concept in keeping with the gallery.


Why are you introducing an Open category when members worked hard to fulfil the brief of the ‘Wild World’?

This was a very difficult decision however we felt that as we were not a nature society AND we were no longer tied and beholden to the caveat that the gallery imposed that it would be unfair to continue to stipulate this and only this. One way we could compromise would be to introduce an Open category without devaluing the hard work our members had already put in as these categories will be judged and awarded separately with separate prizes. This also meant that members who had created a nature piece may also enter an Open piece also without stipulations on theme.


Has the deadline been extended?

Yes, the deadline has been extended as there is no time required for framing or hanging. This extra time gives our international members the opportunity to enter as sending physical pictures this year was not going to be possible.