20th Anniversary Gala Workshops

We are running a series of exciting workshops during our 20th Anniversary Gala Exhibition at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London which are listed below. 

We hope you find something to interest you and look forward to seeing you. Click/tap on image or artist name to see full description of each workshop.

Pencils and paper will be available for your use. The pencils will be various ranges from our Gala Partner Derwent and paper from Hahnemuehle Papers. There will be some pencil sharpeners and plastic erasers available but please bring your own if you prefer not to share. Some artists recommend other equipment for their workshops, do check the descriptions for details.

Covid precautions - each attendee will have their own table. All tables face the same direction with spacing around. Tables, chairs and equipment will be cleaned before each session.

All fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable except for confirmation of a positive Covid test result or request to isolate by track and trace when the attendee will be offered a full refund. Online payment below is via debit/credit card and if you wish to book and pay via online banking or cheque, use our contact form above.

Malcolm Cudmore Workshop
Malcolm Cudmore
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Colour Saturation in Landscape - A no-nonsense, practical application of colour theory to create depth in landscapes

Saturday 16th October 2021
4 hours – 11.30am-1.30pm and 2.30-4.30pm
£40 per person. Max. 10 people.

Suitable for most skill levels but is best suited for those with a basic understanding of core colour pencil techniques.

Intuitively, most artists understand the broad concepts of "Colour" (is it red, green or violet?) and "Value" (how light or dark is it?). But the concept of Saturation (how strong or weak does the colour appear - irrespective of how light or dark it appears) often causes confusion - yet is a highly valuable tool in the landscape artist's "toolkit".

Completely different to "Value" yet often confused with it, good use of colour "Saturation" can be a key element in creating the appearance of real depth in a picture. Coloured pencils provide one of the easiest ways to control saturation. The workshop will cover the idea of "Saturation" as a vital third element in the colour space (alongside colour and value) and offer practical ways to take charge of it in your coloured pencil pictures. Far from being a theoretical session - the emphasis will be on using simple techniques to increase or decrease the saturation of your colour work to enhance the effects of linear and aerial perspective in both rural and urban landscapes. I will also cover how to look at photographic references and use your understanding of colour "saturation" to achieve images that draw the viewer in.

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