Palm House Kew Gardens
Alastair Howie - 2002 winner
Alistair Lockwood
Bow End - 2005 winner
Janie Pirie
Loire Valley Harvest - 2010 winner
Lesley Sharman
Blue Door - 2013 winner
Martin Vela
Molto Moto - 2014 winner
Ann Swan SBA
Larger Than Life - Nectarines - 2016 winner

The UK Coloured Pencil Society

The UK Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS) was founded in 2001 by Bob Ebdon, spurred by a letter in A&I magazine from Pat Heffer (who became a founder member, enthusiastic supporter and finally President). A few people sharing their interest of coloured pencil art, who had never met except via the internet, started the Society and it was launched at Patchings Art Centre in Nottinghamshire. The Society has grown over the years: the second issue of the quarterly magazine (September 2001) reported they had just reached the 100 member mark, and now there are just over 500 members.

In June 2018, the Society was granted charity status with the following Object: To promote the art of drawing for the public benefit through the use of coloured pencils by providing at least one annual exhibition to showcase work with workshops and demonstrations to help educate the public how to use coloured pencils and by providing such other support to educate the public as the trustees deem appropriate.

All the committee members of the UKCPS are volunteers. The Society co-ordinates local groups around the country, trying to link up members in the same area to meet regularly to encourage use of this medium.

Coloured pencil (CP) is often recognised as an essential tool for the intricacies of botanical, wildlife and animal works, but is now equally widely applied to portraiture, still life and landscapes as well as experimental modern pieces. All subject matter is covered by artists showing at the annual exhibition.

The manufacture of coloured pencils has improved over the years, and there are now many choices of type and colour. The Society does not promote one make of pencil, tool or support material over any other.

Due to new products, defining a 'coloured pencil' becomes more challenging, but our definition as specified in our annual exhibition rules is: "wood-cased, wax- or oil-based coloured pencil". Pastel pencils are excluded.

We hold an annual open exhibition, usually in the spring of each year. An independent jury of three select the successful entries to the exhibition and a guest judge chooses the award winners on the opening day.

Members who exhibit in three open annual exhibitions are awarded signature status and are entitled to denote 'UKCPS' after their name.

Recently we introduced an annual online exhibition - Inside the Lines - which takes place each December for members only. Since 2020 this is juried and those selected for three years will be awarded UKCPSO signature status.

2021 is our 20th Anniversary and we will be holding a Gala Exhibition at the Oxo Gallery on the South Bank in London to celebrate. 

There is no selection process to become a member of the UKCPS. All artists – professional, amateur or beginners – are welcome, and from all over the world, despite the name of the Society. Click on the link below if you would like to join us.

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