Below is a list of our members who offer teaching and/or workshops (both in person and online) - do visit their websites where you can find more information.

The UKCPS has not vetted the teaching methods or the information contained within these sites and disclaims all liability arising from the information or tutorials contained therein.


Karen Coulson UKCPS Gold -

Janie Pirie SBA, UKCPS Gold -

France Bauduin UKCPS Silver -

Victoria Manser UKCPS Silver -

Jonathan Newey UKCPS Silver -

Victoria Parsons UKCPS Silver -

Paco Martin UKCPS -

Robert Strange UKCPS -

Lisa Ann Watkins BA(Hons), AFC, CPCAM, UKCPS -

Jesse Lane CPSA -

Ann Swan SBA -

Emma Tildesley -

Helen Hanson -

Amber Halsall -