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I first picked up coloured pencils many years ago and decided they weren't for me. I just couldn't use them, I didn't know how. In the spring of 2018 I saw some CP artists on Facebook. I was amazed that they had created such wonderful, beautiful and very realistic paintings with CP.

I have always believed that if someone else can do this then so can I, so I tried again.

I bought a 72 set of Prismacolors and a few Polychromos and set to work. After a while, I understood how they worked, how to make them do what I wanted. That was it, I fell in love with this wonderful medium that I had shunned for so long!

My first was 'Vinny', a friends cat. It wasn't bad. then I did a 'portrait of a cat' followed by 'Jazz'
I was hooked. so much so that I changed my hours at work from five days to two and a half so that I can concentrate on my art.

In the past I have used oils, watercolours, acrylic, done some woodworking, stone carving, mosaics, stained glass, pottery, lino printing, pencil portraits, you name it, I've probably had a go, but I have finally found, in my 54th year what I've been looking for.

I am hopelessly addicted to the wonderful world of Coloured Pencils.