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I was born in Berlin in 1959. As a child, my artistic talent was recognized but not supported. So it was forgotten. In 1999, the first time since childhood I took a brush in my hand to paint. At first I worked with watercolors. Since 2011 I had used Copic markers in many bright colors. I love colors, which is reflected in my pictures. With a lot of color and imagination my soul pictures were created. But at some point I wanted to draw more details and found my medium in Colored Pencils. It was love at first sight. Colored Pencil painting with all its facets has become my passion. I love it, little things to bring into the limelight. Paintings of nature, my soul, some memories and my everyday life are the themes of my painting. Today I do not want to give up painting anymore. With a lot of color, my very own pictures are created. I work either out of my imagination or after own photo templates.

Color Pencils are my life since October 2017.

"Seafood - Bon Appetit" is published in the US Magazine for Colored Pencil Art from Ann Kullberg. Issue July 2018

One Drawing is published in the US Magazine CP TREASURES 6 from Ann Kullberg. Issue 2019