Laleh Kamalian


© Laleh Kamalian

I discovered my drive and ability for drawing and painting in late 2014, but didn’t take it seriously until beginning of 2018, when during a course of long hospitalisation I created a series of colour pencil portraits.  Since then it has become a major part of my day to day life so much that  I now consider myself an almost ex-scientist moving towards becoming a full time artist in near future.

I love experiencing different media, but coloured pencils have been, and always will be my top favourite media.  I love them specially for drawing portraits, although I have been using them delightfully for flowers and landscapes as well. 

I am yet to have any web pages or win any awards, but then again I still consider myself a newcomer.  I am glad I found UKCPS; I am sure we will have a joyful and hopefully fruitful journey together.   

May 2019