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Welcome to my gallery, it’s a pleasure to have you visit.

Thought I would tell you little about myself. I’m a British born artist, from Nottinghamshire, UK.
My family and I have always loved the USA and jumped at the opportunity to move to sunny California, our family dream. My other childhood dream was of being an artist. From the moment I could pick up a pencil or brush that was it, I was hooked. I must admit, I love all forms of creativity.

It’s was over the last few years I fell in love with photorealism. I find it completely captivating and so my passion grew and now here I am creating what I love! It was also along this journey I started drawing animal portraits (if it has fur, it gets cuddles!) as well as human’s too. There is something to be said about the structure of a face and capturing the emotions on paper.

The contemporary acrylic abstract work is much a reflection on myself, which I bring out with my painting. It’s vibrant and cheerful, with a touch of something shiny, which about sums me up.

A member of:
Colored Pencil Society of America
International Guild of Realism
Coloured Pencil Community of Australasia

"Stroke of Genius 11 - Finding Beauty" (available to purchase winter 2019).
Best of show - CPSA, LA Chapter 214 2019 exhibition
International Guild of Realism - 2019 online exhibition