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Imai Atsushi was born in 1973 and currently lives in Himeji City. He returned as a painter in 2014 for the first time in 20 years. He has been participating in art fairs around the world since 2017. The illustrations he draws are drawn with the female pop stars turned into characters. I also draw collaborative illustrations with Japanese anime.

He also draws colored pencil drawings and pencil drawings.

The drawing of the colored pencils draws on the theme of female homosexuality and bewitching, and the pencil drawing draws mainly the landscape around the buildings.

All the pictures he draws are conscious of "Japan". Various things such as women's fashion, gestures and makeup. And when drawing landscapes, predict and draw places that are considered to be anime scenes, which are also the subculture that Japan represents.

There are two books published in the UK in his 2019 publication, where his pictures are published.
"100 ARTISTS OF THE FUTURE" published by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine and "WORLD OF ART" published by World of Art Magazine
Contemporary art magazine
"ISSUE 8 VOLUME 2 2019". The former is an introduction of 100 artists selected by the publisher, and the latter is a magazine bearing the official mark of the 58th International Art Exhibition in Venice.

Award history
medial 4. art biennial 2018 Excellent award (UK : 2017)
Asian Illustrator Annual Awards 2018 Selected (Taiwan : 2017)
International Prize CARAVAGGIO (Italia : 2018)

Art fair Málaga (Spain : 2017) , Salon Art shopping France : 2017) , RED DOT MIAMI (USA : 2017) , Asian Illustrator of the Year Award 2018 (Taiwan: 2017)
ART BUSAN (Korea : 2018) , BUSAN ANNUAL MARKET OF ART (Korea : 2018)
Art Expo N.Y. 2018 (USA : 2018) , Art San Diego 2018 (USA : 2018) , Artrooms fair Seoul (Korea : 2018)