© Sandi Leir-Shuffrey

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I have been practicing art most of my life. It runs in the family. I studied Fine Art Sculpture at Brighton Art College in 1973-6 then set up my men’s knitwear company. Various courses over the years culminating in a teaching certificate in 95. I taught colourful pastels on colourful paper, drawing and painting skills and colour mixing. I taught from home and at Stroud College ACET. I attained a Masters Degree in Fine Art at Bath Spa Uni 2005. I retrained as a hairdresser in 2011/13 and won Young Hairdresser of the year ages 59.

Then life stole me away and by 2016 tragedy had taken everything. Struggling with PTSD I decided to buy a VW camper and go to the Outer Hebrides to fill a sketchbook. I called on my friend who has an adorable pug and when home drew my first ever coloured pencil dog portrait. That was September 2019. At last I return to my roots and shall use my van as a mobile studio over the summer. I live near Jackson’s Art warehouse so now have over 250 CPs and other stuff! Drawing is meditative and healing... it gives others joy. I am planning some lessons for next August as teaching is what I do best.

Too many to mention
RWA 7 years running
Edinburgh College of Art Millenium Award