© Karen Dewhirst
Gallery updated August 2020

As a child I was always drawing and colouring. After leaving school, I needed to earn a living so got an office job instead of going to college or uni. Twenty years later, after marrying and bringing up 2 children, I had to leave work due to ill health.

I joined a local art class and my love of art was rekindled. I mainly painted in acrylic and some pastel, but although I tried to paint more loosely, my mania for detail kept taking over and my paint brushes got smaller and smaller! I decided to stop fighting it and adopt a medium more suited to fine detail and depth of colour - coloured pencils I had come full circle.Some months ago I was gifted a set of 60 polychromos pencils (what a revelation!) and I was hooked.

I tend to try and run before I can walk , so cp's are teaching me patience. I visited the UKCPS exhibition at Richmond last summer and was very impressed and inspired. I hope to learn plenty of tips here and experiment and improve enough to exhibit alongside other cp artists.