© Caroline Kirlew

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Hello, I’m Caroline,

I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

All I did as a child was draw, I don’t remember anything else really about growing up it was part of daily life. My mum bought me a set of pastel pencils as a teenager and that was my medium until I was 20 years old.

I was told to get a proper job, before the days of the internet I could see no way of being able to draw for a living. Doing what I loved was left behind me.

Fast forward 20 years in restrictive, soul sucking, office work I picked up my pencils again.
My partner at that time told me I was wasting my time, I’d never be good enough, you can’t polish a turd and I’m an embarrassment. Determined to prove him wrong I carried on, I discovered coloured pencil and loved them. I use both mediums now depending on what I’m drawing.

I draw pet portraits and I love animals, all wildlife.

I hope now that I can build things up and hope that I can draw till my arms fall off

The dream is to draw in daylight x