© Helen Carter

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I rekindled my love of art in 2017 when I left my successful career in Local Government and needed a hobby that I could take anywhere. It didn't take me long to fall in love with coloured pencils, and now I use them almost exclusively.

I am drawn to colourful interesting and unusual subjects, often highly detailed close-ups of natural things. I draw pets and people as commissions, but for pleasure I focus on wildlife, nature and florals.

I studied Technical Illustration at Portsmouth College (before it was a University) which taught me a lot about drawing, sketching, and accurate precise linework. It suited my detailed tendencies and my first jobs were in the drawing office of engineering and manufacturing firms.

I am still learning, still experimenting, and definitely still enjoying it all.

UKCPS 2019 Open Exhibition.
UKCPS 2019 Inside the Lines Exhibition - Winner, Best in Show. "Om Nom Nom"