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My name is Justine. I fell in love with coloured pencils in April 2020 while in the 1st lockdown.

I have a holistic health care business that unfortunately I was unable to carry on with due to covid lockdown rules, however this was to become a blessing in disguise as I had time to explore and develop my interest in drawing wildlife.

From the age of 8 I have loved sketching from time to time but had never taken it further as my path in life has tended to lead in other directions, although not completely unrelated at the age of 16 with not many qualifications I embarked on a 3 year Beauty Therapy course at my local collage as I had decided I would like to be a make up artist; the fashion industry was an area I was interested in.

Within the final year I wrote a letter to the BBC asking what the requirements would be to become a makeup artist to which I received a reply; if I remember rightly I needed 2 or 3 A levels and I had only achieved one, so I decided to apply for Beauty therapy jobs instead.

The artistic side of me was channeled into the art of healing. I went on to set up my Health care business in 2008; this year I will have been practicing for 34 years!

In lockdown 1 I decide to sketch an apple but realised I really needed tuition as I didn't know any methods or techniques. I had no idea of which brands of pencils to use so I embarked on doing some research. I was amazed at the endless resources that were available online to help with building knowledge of this remarkable medium.

Nearly one year on and with a huge amount to learn it is true to say I'm definitely hooked and can't imagine a life without drawing with coloured pencils.