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I was born in Portugal. My love for art began as a child when my mother, an accomplished artist herself, encouraged me to pursue this passion. For me, art is about the way we look at things. I put my emotions of what I see onto the canvas. I like to work with the way light and colour makes our impressions of places and people.

My love for art started as a young girl in Portugal and I was interested in how the weather affected how everyday things felt and looked. I studied creative arts in Portugal and took an undergraduate in Art History and Classics from Open University and a graduate degree in Ancient History from Kings College London. I have done an internship at the British Museum as a researcher. I have also worked as a guide at Leighton House Museum, and catalogued and photographed work in the Archive and Conservation department of the Courtauld Institute of Art. I enjoy bringing art into the everyday through paintings.

Candid Gallery, London - May/June 2021