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Hi I'm Wendy a self taught artist I can't remember a time when I wasn't making art or just making something, I remember being totally obsessed with drawing horses even at primary school. It's a wonderful way to be mindful and just switch off and be in my happy place and whilst I have painted and airbrushed aswell as graphite drawing, I re-discovered coloured pencils during isolation / lockdown and haven't looked back. They are so versatile and portable and it's easy to just pick up and continue with a piece, even when you have just half an hour, but inevitably that turns into about 4 hours without realising.

I love drawing animals and recently added humans to my repertoire and discovering new materials like drafting film have been a real gamechanger for me and my development.

I am so glad that coloured pencil is finally being more recognised as a legitimate artist medium and thankful to UKCPS for supporting and promoting this wonderful medium.


2020 - Portraits for NHS Heroes - Bloomsbury Press
2022 - CP Treasures Vol 8 - Ann Kullberg