Deborah Ann Crago

© Deborah Ann Crago

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I was born and grew up in Cornwall, where I still visit regularly, but currently live in West Sussex.

My artworks are all inspired by the beauty, variety and intricacy of flowers. They are created using watercolour pencils. I have always loved working with pencils as they allow me to capture all the detail that I find so beautiful.

With my love of gardens, the countryside and working on our own garden, I am never short of inspiration.

I studied Woven Textile Design at Loughborough University and have worked creating designs for interior textiles for more than 15 years. After several years of designing for interior textiles both as freelance and in-house designer, I have again been drawn back to my love of drawing.

I have always enjoyed the beauty, variety and intricacy of flowers, and the medium of pencil.