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I attended the Manchester College of Art and Design in the 1960's, where I gained my N.D.D. (National Diploma of Design). I chose not to follow a career in art, but became a florist.

We moved to Anglesey in the late 70's. After the children had grown up, I rediscovered my love of drawing and together with my passion for flowers, found a new direction. After visiting the Royal Horticultural Society Exhibition of botanical paintings in 1998, and being amazed at a Gold Medal winning exhibit done entirely in coloured pencil, I tried this medium for myself. I found them a tremendous pleasure to use and all my work is now done in this medium.

Although primarily a botanical artist, I am now doing more portraits and animal studies, some of which were purchased by the Medici Society for inclusion in their range of cards.

I am a past member of the Society of Botanical Artists and the Society of Graphic Fine Artists and have exhibited with the Society of Women Artists. At the annual SGFA exhibition in 2000, I was awarded the Sanderson UK Karisma prize for drawing. In 2006 I was awarded an RHS Gold Medal for a calendar of Anglesey flowers, trees, fungi and lichen.

I have had several exhibitions shared with fellow artists.


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