Eleni McLoughlin UKCPS


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I am a Greek Cypriot born in Nicosia, Cyprus. I came to England to study psychiatric nursing and later specialised in behaviour therapy, psychotherapeutic approach to counselling and hypnotherapy.

I studied botanical illustration at the University of Birmingham then went on to Sheffield University for another year. My goal was to illustrate scientifically the endemic flora of Cyprus which comprises approximately 140 plants. I visit Cyprus frequently and work in close conjunction with the Forestry department in Nicosia. Throughout my studies we were taught mainly to use watercolour and pen and ink.

In the summer of 2001 I met Bob Ebdon and several members of the newly formed UKCPS at Patchings Art Centre, Nottingham, after which I bought coloured pencils and with lots of advice from Bob I began to paint using coloured pencils combined with pen and ink.

I never looked back. I love this medium which is controllable, forgiving and still maintains the transparency of watercolour. I also use pure coloured pencil on paper and plastic drafting film. I have run a few workshops and try to encourage artists new to coloured pencils. I am a founder member of the Birmingham Society for Botanical Artists and also of The Florilegium Society at Sheffield.


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