List of Artists at our 20th Anniversary Gala Exhibition

Below is a list of artists who have have been selected by our 3 jurors. Signature status shown is as at the 2020 annual exhibition. 2021 signature status is granted at the opening of the 20th Anniversary Gala Exhibition 2021. More info on signature status.

Notice for all participating artists - please note we are finalising arrangements for delivery of your pictures to the gallery and full details will be available here by Friday, 3rd September 2021 and we will be contacting you each by email.

Daisy Allen
Jeff Anderson
Elena Ansaloni
Brenda Ashford
Ria Axeli UKCPS
Jo Barber
Sue Barratt
Timothy Barritt
France Bauduin UKCPS Silver
Sarah Binns
Emma Black
Harriet Blaskett
Evaggelia Bolani
Anne Bour
Sarah Bowsher
Christine Bozier UKCPS
Linda Brand UKCPS
Tiffany Budd UKCPS Gold
Helen Carter
Cristina Celestini
Dawn Chandler
Freda Cheung
Sarah Cleeve
Sun-Kyong Clifford
Sue Clinker UKCPS Gold
Carole Coombs
Angie Coulson
Finlay Coupar
Jackie Cox UKCPS Silver
Nicoleta Croitoru
Mark Daniels
Frances Daunt
Chris David
Lynnie Davison
Sandra Doyle
Katherine Durkin
Jamie Eade
Marian East
Roy Eaton UKCPS Silver
Hana Fitzsimmons
Mary Flatres
Tracy Frein
Anja Fuhrbach
Anna Gannon
Irina Garmashova-Cawton UKCPS Silver
Spiro Georgi
Carrie-Anne Goodchild
Lesley Green
Lesley Hall
Amber Halsall
Jo Harcourt-Brown
David Hartley
Shannagh-Leigh Hartshorn
Patricia Heffer UKCPS Gold
Claire Heffron
Judith Heilbronn-Crown UKCPS Gold
Suzy Herbert UKCPS Diamond
Sonja Hillen
Curtis Holder
Philip Hood
James House
Denise Howard UKCPS Silver
Paul Hunt
Nancy Jacey
Laleh Kamalian
Amy Kember
Emma Kerridge
Mary Knapp
Mark Langley UKCPS Silver
Dylan Leddington
Roger Lewis UKCPS Gold
Judith Logan UKCPS Silver
Ron Logan
Morryce Maddams UKCPS Gold
Julie Ann Maguire UKCPS

Lindsey Malin
Chantal Marcotte UKCPS
Orley Kathleen Marron
Paco Martin UKCPS Silver
Daniel Martirossian
Eamonn McGovern
Gregory Millar
Jane  Moore
Chloe Morecroft
Josephine Morrison Lans
Sharon Moseley
Barbara Murray UKCPS Silver
Susan Murray
Hannah Nash
Claire Needham
Peter Nelson UKCPS Silver
Emma Newman
Micheal Niswonger
Claudine O'Sullivan
Yvonne Parkes
Stephen Parkinson
Victoria Parsons UKCPS Silver
Silvia Pastore
Ginny Phillips
Spencer Phillips
Janie Pirie UKCPS Gold
Susan Poole UKCPS Silver
Alison Powell
Vivek Prabhu
Pamela Preller UKCPS Silver
Jess Pritchard
Galal Ramadan
Lynne Reeves
Carol Taylor Reid
Emma Riches
Vidah Roberts
Mark Roscoe
Frances Ross
David Sandell UKCPS Silver
Eirini Santou
Ami Schütz
Heidi Seal
Katie Seaman
Judith Selcuk UKCPS Silver
Terri Skinner
Graham Smith
Russ Snedker
Ann Squire
Tin Stanton
Sharon Stirling
Robert Strange UKCPS
Caroline Strong
Vincent Stroud
Anne Strulo
Kora Corina Strupi
Tom Strutton
Janet Suffield UKCPS Gold
Ann Swan
Susie Tenzer
Tracy Thomas
Emma Tildesley
Richard Tomlin
Maria Villioti UKCPS Silver
Owen Vincent
Shefali Wardell
Isobel Wardley UKCPS Silver
Tracy Warner
Lucy Webster
Keith Wigglesworth
Lesley Woodhouse UKCPS
Alan Woollett
Denise Yapp
Hamish Young