ukcps annual 2022 exhibition logoUK Coloured Pencil Society 21st Annual Open Exhibition 2022

This is an open exhibition; submission is open to all living artists, aged 18 or over. All work must be original in concept, design and execution. The artist must demonstrate compositional and drawing skills and the ability to use colour pencil.

Before completing the entry form please read the following and ensure you have everything prepared.

1. Rules of Entry.

Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and ensure you understand them fully. You may wish to download and/or print this document.

Full Rules of Entry >>>   

2. Images of your Work

Have the image files of your artwork ready to be uploaded to the entry form.

JPG or PNG files only; resolution 300dpi, min. size 1MB, max size 5MB.

All images should be marked with your first name_surname, underscore, then the title of the work with underscore instead of spaces, e.g. John_Smith_View_of_Venice.

Poorly presented images, especially those that are out of focus, badly lit or pixelated will affect your chances of success. Each entry will be judged on your submitted image(s) alone. It is therefore very important to represent your work as best you can.

If photographing your work, it should be unframed and upright, make sure it is not at an angle. There is plenty advice available on the internet.

You must not use filters or edit your image using software such as Photoshop beyond the basic resizing of your image for online submission. These images may be used for publicity and social media so quality is very important.

3. Title of your Work

State the correct title of your artwork, this information will be used in the online gallery captions.

4. Payment

If you are a non-member or a member submitting more than one artwork, have your payment card ready if paying fees online.

Entry Form >>>