Inside the Lines 4

UKCPS 4th Online Exhibition 2020

Online Gallery available during December 2020
Closing date for entries: 5th November 2020 

How to Enter

Submission is open to UKCPS members. The work must be original (concept, design and execution by the artist), at least 50% coloured pencil, demonstrate compositional and drawing skills, and ability to use coloured pencil. Entries must not have been shown in any previous UKCPS exhibition.  

Note: Members can now earn Online Signature status. Pictures will be juried by a panel of 3 judges and those artists in the top 30% will qualify towards UKCPSO Signature status. Members who qualify for 3 online exhibitions will be awarded UKCPSO signature status.

Entry form and rules will be available here in September 2020. 

Pictures qualifying for signature status will be subject to our usual rules regarding use of photographs:
Any reference photographs used in their entirety to create the final composition must be taken by the artist. Subject to UK and international copyright laws, reference images not taken by the artist may be used to contribute and build up a final composition provided the final work does not resemble any reference source in a recognisable way.

Members may still enter this exhibition if they have used reference photographs other than their own, with permission, and will qualify for the awards. But they will not be juried nor qualify for UKCPSO signature status.