Jane Dougall


© Jane Dougall


I am self taught. My father painted woodland scenes in oils as a young man before the war, trained to be a draughtsman, and continued painting as a hobby for the rest of his life. My mother was a skilled needlewoman, embroiderer and knitter. I grew up surrounded by their creativity, learning from both of them, and developing a lifelong passion for textiles, drawing and colour.

After leaving school I worked for three years as a store window display artist, and then another two years for Zandra Rhodes, hand-finishing her wonderful coats, dresses and hats.

I also started designing and making tapestry purses and bags as a side line, moving on to lace cushions, and then florentine tapestry cushions and wall-hangings.

Life then took me to Japan and a brief spell of creating knitting patterns for a friend's company.
A further move to Spain found me back with the florentine tapestry wall-hangings until one day I bought a massive box of watercolour pencils and began drawing flowers. After years of textiles it felt like the time was right to catch up with my art side.

I came back to live in the UK in 1999, bought a computer and had a fun time creating abstract designs using Windows '98 Paint, but the computer didn't feel like the right medium. At the same time I took a job at an auction house, finding that the antiques served to inspire me with ideas for new designs.
Without any real plan in mind I found myself developing the flowers. My years in Japan and Spain, as well as the auction house and my previous work with textiles, all showing themselves in my drawings.