This is to clarify our rule on the use of reference images

  • Each picture has to be entirely your own composition.
  • No complete copies of other people’s work, whether photographs or any other image.
  • You can copy or work freely from your own photographs, but must not completely copy anybody else’s, even with their permission or use copyright-free images available on the internet.
  • The main element or focus of your picture must not be copied from anybody else’s source material, and any reference photos used must have been taken by yourself.
  • But you can use parts of other people’s photos, with their permission, to add small incidental elements to your overall composition.
  • This is to ensure that each picture is the artist’s original creation, conceived and composed by them, and not just a copy.

These have been the rules for the annual exhibitions since the UKCPS was formed in 2002. The only difference this year is the restriction on subject matter.