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D Y Hide desperately disappointed her parents by deciding to go to Art College instead of reading English at Uni. Despite many distractions along the way, she trotted out the other end of the course with a very good degree, a great many skills in a wide range of media, but not much idea of how to make money out of what she did.

She ended up training as a teacher, to please her dad who was rather concerned that she wasn’t getting any richer, but she had no intention of teaching for more than a few years. Then, someone made her an Advanced Skills Teacher, and suddenly there was no time left for her own art…

The dream of being an artist faded day by day, until one day she came across a wildlife art exhibition and wondered what she’d been doing for the last ten years. The show was crammed with the work of amateurs and professionals alike, and the quality was astounding. It was the turning point. D Y went home and drew her rabbit.

In coloured pencil, of course.

Since then, D Y has been reestablishing herself as a professional artist and member of local, national and international art societies. She still works in a range of media, but her favourite is CP, and her favourite pencils remain Prismacolors (though she’s lately become fond of Bruynzeels, too).

She likes a challenge, so she has recently embarked on a multi-layered series, ‘Ghosts of the Past’, and if this were not challenge enough, she has reproduced a number of these as 3 x 4 inch miniatures….

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