UKCPSO Signature status was introduced in 2020 for members to earn if their pictures are selected by an independent jury three times in the Inside the Lines annual online exhibition.

Additional levels are awarded as follows:
Pictures selected on
5 different occasions: Silver signature status
10 different occasions: Gold signature status
15 different occasions: Diamond signature status
20 different occasions: Platinum signature status

Qualification is granted to UKCPS Members (not student members) who are in the top 30% of marks awarded by the selection judges. Signature status is subject to continuous membership of the society.

All submitted images are presented to the selection panel anonymously. No personal data, including name, is given during the selection.

Selected artists 2021

France Bauduin
Anne Bour
Sarah Bowsher
Graham Brace
Geraldine Buckley
Helen Carter
Sarah Cleeve
Pamela Clements
Caryn Coville
Jackie Cox
Rhonda Dicksion
Ronald Firla
Patricia Gauss
John Guiseppi
David Hartley
Shannagh-Leigh Hartshorn
Judith Heilbronn-Crown
Chloe Hibberd
Jesse Lane
Erwin Lewandowski
Lisa Mills
Hannah Nash
David Neace
Nicola Nicholas
Micheal Niswonger
Galal Ramadan
Heidi Seal
Megan Seiter
Ann Squire
Lynn Stephenson
Linda Stokey
Vincent Stroud
Susie Tenzer
Pauline Thompson
Isobel Wardley
Tracy Warner
Susan Wehrman

Selected artists 2020

France Bauduin
Sarah Binns
Geraldine Buckley
Helen Carter
Marie Curran
Carol Doran
Patricia Gauss
Jo Goudie
Daisy Hatton
Judith Heilbronn-Crown
Nancy Jacey
Laleh Kamalian
Jesse Lane
Mark Langley
Erwin Lewandowski
Susan Murray
Terri Neal
Claire Needham
Galal Ramadan
Megan Seiter
Ann Squire
John Stansfield
Maria Villioti
Susan Wehrman
Cheryl Wiltshire
Fang Xie