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My art is inspired mostly by flowers and other botanical subjects, but I also occasionally do still life and landscapes. Regardless of the subject, I always use my own reference photos, or work from life when possible. When drawing or painting flowers I sometimes like to enlarge the bloom to much larger than life-size to give the viewer the impression that they are looking at a flower close-up. Although I sometimes use acrylic paints and digital media, much of my work is created using coloured pencils, sometimes mixing pastel pencils with graphitint or coloured pencils in the same work. I love the process of building up layers using pencils and being able to focus on details, whilst at the same time trying to create works which are bold and colourful. My favourite brands of coloured pencils are Derwent Artists and Faber Castell Polychromos, but I also use pastel pencils, Coloursoft, tinted charcoal pencils and graphitint pencils - all by Derwent.

All the works shown here were created using coloured and/or graphite/graphitint pencils, with some having underpaintings in pastel pencils or tinted charcoal pencils.

For further information about my work please visit www.ArtbyAilsaChapman.co.uk

Thank you for viewing my work.

1981 - Diploma in Graphic Design/Illustration, Wimbledon School of Art.
1981 - onwards - 20-year career as a graphic designer working initially for printing companies
           before moving to the magazine publishing sector. 
2001 - onwards - Following a change of direction in 2001, I rediscovered my love of drawing
           and painting which I continue to this day.
2008 - BA Honours Degree in Humanities with Art History and Religious Studies, Open University. 
2019 - Diploma with Merit in Botanical Coloured Pencils, London Art College.

I was a member of Bromley Art Society for more than 10 years and of the Croydon Art Society for more than 2 years. I exhibited with both societies during this time.