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This artist and poet who has a passion for drawing and painting hails from the Heartland of the US.

My journey in art began forty years ago painting portraits in oil and watercolor. Independent by nature, while in art school, I was more fascinated with the human face and figure, rather than what the teacher wanted us to paint. I went to the streets, literally, where a group of workmen kindly gave me permission to photograph them. Those images became the graphite drawings called the Workman Drawings. You can see them on my website

Ten years ago, confined to home with a hole in my eye, I took up a set of Derwent Studios and began drawing a portrait that was searching for a medium. This sparked the draftswoman in me and turned me into a colored pencil junkie. The story A Hold in One appeared in CPSA To the Point in 2020.

My primary subjects today are my children and grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. In the past year I surprised myself that I could paint animals. I’ve added wildlife and domestic pets to my portfolio and hopefully continue to grow as an artist with a passion for making marks on paper
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