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I am a coloured pencil pet portrait and wildlife animal artist based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK. I started painting again in January 2023 after a 30 year break due to work, family commitments and then illness. I’ve got MS (diagnosed 10 years ago) and am now medically retired and started painting again for my mental health and to meet new people who are like minded and love art like me.
I’ve been developing my style over the last year and I think I’m finding my feet and what I like to paint and also what people like to see. With the help of my daughter I’ve set up a website, instagram, facebook and Etsy pages. I’m starting to get some followers and interest, which is great. I also do local markets, but only one a month as it’s very tiring with my MS fatigue. But I love meeting all the new people at the markets both clients and fellow stall holders. I have no formal training and am learning online with the Bonny Snowdon academy. I hope you love my style.