© Sharon Moseley

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I stumbled across drawing and colour pencils in July / August 2020 and subsequently ignited a fire in my belly that had been waiting patiently over the years to be found. I have always loved to doodle and shade and always have a pen in my hand whilst on the phone or in meetings etc.

The drawing which inspired me so much was Victoria Manser’s double horse portrait on her website, I don’t remember how I ended up at her web page, but I recall being in awe that it was done with coloured pencils. My only experience with coloured pencils took me back to my school art classes in 1987 and the colouring books as a youngster. From here I began to learn the new language of brands and papers and layering and had an eagerness to learn more.

Having entered into this new world, it’s taking me on a wonderful journey where I am now undertaking commissions. Working full time only allows me to draw in between, however I have a passion to learn more and develop my own style.