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I am a self-taught artist living in Tirol, a state in Austria.

My passion is to establish colored pencils in the German speaking countries. Here in Austria this kind of drawing is nearly unknown (except the drawings of children or some animal portrait artists). Colored pencils offer a lot of possibilities and these possibilities I want to publish.

I am also a commissioned artist for animals, people but mainly for nature drawings. My favorite motive is the beauty of nature, particularly water, stones, grass and the huge color range…. In nature I find my greatest motivation.

I joined the UK Coloured Pencil Society because I hope to find some like-minded people for sharing experience and knowledge.

In the near future I plan to start with some drawing tutorials in German.

Last but not least….
My English is not the best and I may make some grammar or spelling mistakes, but I hope you all can fairly understand me.


I am part of Ann Kullberg's "Hidden Treasure vol. 5" with the drawing "Inspiration".
I am listed in the new look book 2020 from COLORED PENCIL Magazine.
At the beginning of November 2019 I had a very successful exhibition in our local community.
In 2020 I am looking forward to start entering in some drawing competitions