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I am a coloured pencil artist from Southampton, UK. I started using coloured pencils in 2015, coming from watercolour. I have some background in studying art and art history, but I have had no formal training in figurative drawing. I have been selling my work to buyers around the world since 2016. Parts of the world I have sent coloured pencil originals to include Australia, the US, Europe, South America and Asia. The thing that keeps me interested in this wonderful medium is the pursuit of ever more solid forms and rich colours.

'Contemporary Bird Art' (Solo) - June 2016, The d.@rt Centre, Hampshire, UK
​'Stare' (Solo) - August ​2017, The d.@rt Centre, Hampshire, UK
'Back to Nature' (Group) - October 2018, Cams Hill School, Hampshire, UK
'Wild Thing' (Group) - August 2019, The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Australia