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Professional artist Erwin P. Lewandowski maintains a studio/residence along the shoreline of Lake Huron in Northern Michigan. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts Department at Central Michigan University and received addition training at Eastern Michigan University. His second career as a artist began in 2004 following 25 years of business development and management.

As an artist he’s managed to find a comfortable blend of artistic skill, styles of work, subjects of interest, medium preferences, and a business plan that includes many of the accounting and marketing issues associated with a fine arts career. Stepping back into the art world after a long absence was a challenging and humbling experience for him. Changes were the norm and he decided to start with a new medium, colored pencils, instead of continued exclusive use of graphite and pigment ink. This transition was almost immediate for him and today he is recognized for his signature artwork. A second equally important change occurred with his interest in creating works of contemporary realism and photo realism [or hyperrealism]. Using waterscape and landscape settings as a base, he is able to create stunning images that focus on particular elements, structures, movements, and shapes in nature. Artistic license is a big part of his planning and it often involves taking two or more settings and combining them to create a scene that is unique in style, meticulously rendered in details, and visually appealing in form, content, and composition. In recent years a third area of concentration, the abstract in realism, has slowly begun to establish a footprint within his portfolio. This new area of interest has roots in realistic settings and scenery, but the final compositions adhere to the characteristics and qualities long associated with abstract expressionism.

Today he is an award-winning national artist with representation throughout parts of the United States. He is a two-time recipient of Best in Drawing from International Guild of Realism, has achieved Signature Status [CPSA and CPX] with the Colored Pencil Society of America, and Masters Status with the Pencil Art Society of Canada. His artwork and articles have been featured in Drawing Magazine, Colored Pencil Magazine, American Art Collector, CP Magazine, UK Coloured Pencil Society News, Australian Coloured Pencil Society News, Pencil Art Society News, Public and Commercial Television, and in dozens of market publications. Each year he takes time to host a series of workshops based on his colored pencil and graphite work. A complete picture of his bio, awards, artwork, gallery agents, and current events can be found online at his website.

Society Achievements
UKCPSO Signature status 2022