© Pat Heffer

Sitting on my grandfather's knee whilst he drew magical pictures is one of my earliest memories. He encouraged me to draw, and one of my most treasured possessions is a black and white pencil drawing of some pears which he did as a student about 100 years ago. 

My own three offspring have all opted for music instead of art, despite my protestations! However I do have five grandchildren to suffocate with art materials! What bliss!

Having now retired from a career in education, and being redundant as a mother, I should now have time for art, but the days seem to fly by! When I do knuckle down to doing a painting, coloured pencils are my chosen medium, with our beautiful Wiltshire countryside, flora and buildings being my preferred subjects. I do accept commissions and my pictures are exhibited locally.

The UKCPS has been a great source of inspiration and friendship, and I will always be grateful to Bob Ebdon, our founder.


Society Achievements

Founder Member and Past President
Signature status 2004, Silver 2006, Gold 2012, Diamond 2021