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Hi there. I’m Cher, East Yorkshire born and living in the Cotswolds where I paint, draw and attend my allotments!

As a self-taught artist, I love to paint and draw portraits and the landscape. My inspiration comes from the gentle colours of the Cotswolds and the wilder earthy textures of the East Yorkshire coast.

In recent years I have become very interested in botanical painting. After my first attempt at a watercolour of my orchid house plant, I became so absorbed in the subject matter and the study of colour, I became hooked. More recently, I’ve become interested in developing my skills as a colour pencil artist and have challenged myself to create portraits of my beloved GSDs Amber and Gracie as well as a number of commissions. The ability to create detail is the main reason I love pencil crayons so much and hope to develop my skills in this amazing medium.