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I'm a single mom of two teenagers. We live in the rural area north of Milan, close to the Swiss border together with two adorable feline furballs: Kiki and Mordicchio.

I spent my childhood years in the Venetian countryside, and during that time I showed a keen interest for both art and languages. As I grew up, I decided to pursue the path of foreign languages and linguistics, ending up with an MA in American literature from the University of Venice.

Although the world of literature kept me busy for a few years, my passion and need for creativity never quite left my side, especially after I found a daytime job and entered the work-home-work routine of an office life. Creativity for me has always been the channel through which I released the stressed and negativity accumulated during the day, and that allowed me to clear my mind and free my soul.

My interest towards drawing and art in general came back the moment my daughter enrolled in art school. Worried she'd not be good enough at free hand drawing, she asked me to help her develop some basic skills. I felt I was not in a position to do so myself, so I began researching the internet for some material I could leverage on, and found several amazing artists who had generously shared precious resources.

My first drawings were done purely with graphite and charcoal pencils and allowed me to develop some basic drawing skills. Later, I tried out colored pencils, and immediately became infatuated with the medium, and have not stopped experimenting and developing my skills since then.