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High-quality animal portraits/drawings - the trademark of the artist Susanne Claesberg

The 57-year-old from Herford and self-taught creates animal portraits and drawings that are lifelike and lively with great attention to detail - not with oil, watercolor or pastel chalk - but with colored pencils. For the artist and industrial clerk, drawing has been a subject since she was a child, which she completely absorbed and which she has not let go of for decades. She is still working intensively on improving and refining her skills even further.

After a severe stroke of fate in 2021 - she lost her husband, with whom she shared her life for 35 years and was married for 30 years - to Corona, she had to give her life a new meaning. A very good friend encouraged her to dedicate herself to painting again and intensively in order to fulfill her lifelong dream, and so at the end of 2021 she decided to go public with her drawings and to become self-employed with her passion for drawing make.

Her almost photographic-looking, extremely lively animal drawings captivate with details that are so finely worked out with her colored pencils that you have to look twice to recognize them as drawings... The viewer of her drawings stands face to face with the respective animal. The incredibly lively depiction of the eyes... Every vein in the iris, the light reflection, every eyelash - everything looks extremely realistic. One simply cannot escape the spell of their works. An art that hardly ever appears in public in Germany.

With her drawings, the artist is also committed to protecting species. She is a supporting member of the WWF and Greenpeace, supports Animal Asia and a leopard project from the Allwetterzoo Münster. Exhibition projects are being prepared with the Berlebeck eagle station in Detmold and the Bear Park in Worbis, where part of the proceeds from the sold pictures will benefit the respective species protection projects.

"With my drawings, I want to make people aware of the beauty, diversity and fascination of the animal world, in order to show how valuable and worthy of protection nature and its creatures are. We must also preserve nature and wildlife for the next generations!”.
June 2022 Galerie "Kleiner Prinz", Baden-Baden, Germany
Nov/Dec. 2022 Galerie "Kleiner Prinz", Baden-Baden, Germany
March/April 2023 Galerie Greve, Bad Salzuflen, Germany
April 2023 Galerie "Kleiner Prinz", Baden-Baden, Germany
June-Aug. 2023 Galerie Greve, Bad Salzuflen, Germany
Sept 02-03,2023 Probsteier KunstTage, Wisch, Germany
Sept-Dec. 2023 Galerie Greve, Bad Salzuflen, Germany
March 2024 ARTbase, Lenkwerk, Bielefeld, Germany
2027-2028 Altes Warmbad, Isle of Juist, Germany

2022 "Euro-Plakette für Kunst & Kultur" in Silber
2022 "Verdiensturkunde" der Pinakothek in Luxembourg
2023 "Euro-Plakette für Kunst & Kultur" in Gold
2023 Teilnahme am Wettbewerb "Silberner Uhu"
2023 Teilnahme am Wettbewerb Luxembourg Art Prize
2023 Short part in the TV-Show "DAS!"