© Barbara Murray

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Born in the North East, I studied art for a short time, then gave it up to study for a degree in science instead!

Over the next few years, I dabbled in various mediums but it wasn’t until I got a job with Derwent that I discovered how wonderful coloured pencils can be.

I now live and work in the Lake District, where I get much of my inspiration for landscapes, many of which are done in coloured pencil. Still working for Derwent, I have refined my coloured pencil art using their wonderful pencils. I joined the UKCPS after meeting Bob Ebdon and Suzy Herbert. Their enthusiasm for the medium was so infectious that I was immediately converted into a coloured pencil evangelist. My aim is to persuade people that cp art is just as valid and wonderful as any other kind of art.

I like to experiment with different subjects in art and have tried everything from animals to people, landscapes, still life, abstract. One of these days I will develop a style!

Society Achievements

Signature status 2013, Silver 2015, Gold 2021