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I was born in 1953, and is a self taught artist, studying at School and College at GCE and A level. Left college to start work as a trainee draughtsman in a leading construction company, specialising in ground work and the contours of the land.

My career after getting married and starting a family, took a rather big U-turn into the building industry to provide for my new family. I still carried on with my art using both water colour and acrylics but only as a hobby. It was during this time that I started to exhibit my paintings at local art gallery having some minor success in selling. There I meet the then president of a local art group who asked me to join, since then I have not looked back demonstrating at local groups in and around my area in the south of England. I also have exhibited at many craft fairs in this same area.

I specialise in architectural illustration and my other interest is transport. From the humble motor car, heavy transport, the majestic steam engines of our past. Also combining both to create an authentic picture from any decade of our past, my style is called by some “photorealism” looking at architecture and drawing or painting all the authentic details and this also applies to my transport art.

Whenever I can find any spare time I will take my sketch book out into the countryside, village or town and draw whatever I can find that interests me. Throughout my life from an early child I have used the coloured pencil, but it has only been in the last 3years that I have used it as a proper medium to achieve my style of art that has worked for me when I use either water colour or acrylics. I have always exhibited at my local art group for the past 15 years, and my only success at a major exhibition was selected at the last “Not The Turner Prize” run by the Daily Mail at the Mall Galleries, London.

Nearly all of my work is reliable on photo evidence, especially when a specific piece of art work is commissioned or when recreating a scene from history and some research might be necessary.


Society Achievements

Signature Status 2013, Silver 2015, Gold 2020