© Fang Xie


I was born in China, now living in Taipei, Taiwan with my husband, two sons and a bunny.
I used to be a journalist, working for China Daily, the national English newspaper.
I started painting in 2016 after my sons started primary school and I have more free time. Coloured pencils are my chosen medium. Honestly, coloured pencils are not as popular as oil paint in the art world. But I do believe that each medium has its advantages. For instance, coloured pencils are very good at drawing flowers, animals and landscape. I just love it.
I have always been drawn to weathered flowers as beauty doesn’t just belong to the young. I am also interested in painting burning incenses which have a sense of space, peace and spirituality that make me calm down.


The UKCPS Inside the Lines 2 Exhibition 2018
Best picture award - Decay

The UKCPS Inside the Lines Exhibition 2020
Best in Show - The Sound of Silence

My first solo exhibition of coloured pencil was held at the Taipei Get Art Gallery in 2019.
I attended the 2019 Art Revolution Taipei exhibition.
I attended the 2021 Art Taipei International Contemporary Art exhibition.
My second solo exhibition of coloured pencil was held at the Taipei Yi Yun Art Gallery in 2021.