© Geraldine Buckley

A self-taught artist, born in London UK in 1948, currently living in Adelaide, South Australia.

I wanted a career in art but growing up in the 50-60's, plus family complications, made making that a reality very difficult. Science was my other love so I trained as a Medical Researcher and worked in hospitals and once for the pharmaceutical industry.

I painted in my spare time, mostly birds with acrylics, for over 30 years, but when I retired I wanted to try something new. In Feb 2016 I came across Ann Kullberg's web site and that spurred me to explore. I couldn’t believe that coloured pencils could produce such amazingly detailed images. So many talented artists too. I just had to try them!

I continue to read and research all I can about coloured pencils and experiment with them in a constant endeavour to improve. The choices of pencils and surfaces are endless and there’s so much to learn. I really love this medium and can fully understand other artist’s enthusiasm and passion for it. I only wish I had discovered it sooner.

I’ve had a lifelong love of animals and birds so they tend to my main subjects. I do some commissioned work, mainly pet portraits, and enjoy the variety that brings.

Society Achievements
UKCPSO Signature status 2022

Ann Kullberg critiqued my work in her Color magazine in August 2017 and I was featured in her Hidden Treasures book of 2017.
I am also featured in her Hidden Treasures book for 2019 and the Member’s Competition book for the same year.