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Alex Fleming, graphite, charcoal and colour pencil artist, b. 1985 and based in Lancashire, England.

In 2008, several years after completing GCSE Art & Design, I picked up some graphite pencils, and began learning as I went. While graphite is my comfort zone, these days, I’m intentionally exploring new media seemingly every few weeks. I now use charcoal (with dry-brushing), colour pencil and pastel. I’ve learned to love being knee-deep in a process I instinctively resist, as it’s an opportunity to build expertise.

Drawings are often made using my own photographs, and most of the time I try to include everything – the moment captured, the composition, the detail, etc. Perhaps even embracing faults, like lens flare. The results can vary, often depending on what, if anything, I’ve decided to adjust before drawing.

A piece can take beyond 100 hours to complete, depending on the size, complexity and medium used.

I tend to draw wildlife, pets and people, but I’m open to any commission ideas or requests.