© Oksana Burr

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"Aksinya" - colored pencils on Grafix drafting film. Photo permission from the client
"Pink Dogwood" - colored pencils, neocolor II for background underpainting. Photo reference - Sally Robertson
"Vinnie" - colored pencils on Durar-Lar drafting film. Photo reference and tutorial from Bonny Snowdon
"Vibrant Rose" - colored pencils on Strathmore 300 Bristol Smooth. Photo reference - Shutterstock images.
"Cupcakes" - colored pencils on Durar-Lar drafting film. Photo reference - Sally Roberston
"Sunflowers" - colored pencils on Strathmore 300 Bristol Smooth. Photo reference and tutorial from Cynthia Knox.

I have been in love with art since I was little. My Mom was a huge influence on me in regards to developing a love of art. Even though she has never got serious in art, she loved doodling. My first drawings were doodles of animals ranging from silly mice to cute cats. During my childhood I drew and cut out my own paper dolls and designed on paper all their fashion and accessories for role playing. There weren't many art resources available while growing up so I practiced my sketches directly from fashion catalogues which later led me to draw my friends and family as they modeled for me. Later I was able to get a few commissions from friends to make extra money.

I took some art classes in high school and that was the time I learned some basic fundamentals in drawing and painting. Unfortunately, after I moved permanently to the United States during my college years I didn’t pursue my art because I always was told it was not a serious enough career to make a living from. During the years when I had a lot of life changes I still kept art as a hobby and did multiple types of crafts and projects. I always found room for art even if it was not as much as I wanted but it kept a piece of hope that I would be to somehow change that in the future and make my art more of a permanent choice of career.

In 2018 I came across some beautiful artwork in colored pencil that I found online and it reignited my hope for resuming creating art the way I wanted it. I was deeply inspired and so impressed by the realistic effects of colored pencils that I couldn’t believe it was a drawing and not a photograph. From that moment I started a thorough research of materials, classes and books that I could use to improve my skills. I have been challenging myself in different online and personal challenges in addition to learning from other artists.

I have many ambitions in regards to being a part of an art community across the globe. I am always open for any commissions due to my wide interest in subjects. I’m still exploring other mediums as well but colored pencil is my main specialty at the moment and I would love to teach what I know and share with others to pass on my passion for art.

My long-term goals include to keep growing, keep learning and be a successful full-time artist.